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Call for Papers - special issue: “The Foundations of Equal Moral Standing”




De Ethica Special Issue: “The Foundations of Equal Moral Standing” – Publication 2022


Topic Areas: Social and Political Philosophy; Ethics; Theological Ethics; Applied Ethics.

The editors of De Ethica are pleased to announce a special issue on The Foundation of Equal Moral Standing.

Ideas about the equal moral standing of each and every human being are prevalent in contemporary philosophical and theological ethics. The discussion oftentimes concerns what, given different contexts and areas of application, treating oneself and others as an equal means. There are numerous theories that explicate the moral and political implications of moral equality differently. They articulate ideas about the rightness of counting each and everyone’s preferences equally, about human rights, and about social justice, local, national as well as global. These normative theories tend to take the validity of our equal moral standing for granted, or as part of an answer to the question “Why be moral?” However, there is also a vigorous ongoing debate about what kinds of reasons that can be provided for thinking that human beings, every one of us, are entitled to equal concern and respect, “have equal worth,” or are ends in themselves.

This issue of the De Ethica seeks wide-ranging perspectives on the problem of grounding or justifying claims about moral equality. The philosophical and theological literature offer several competing accounts. Some explicitly theistic and some non-religious or explicitly secular. There are also interesting differences between constructivist, moral realist, and naturalistic modes of arguing, Cf. e.g. Korsgaard, Forst, (J.) Hare, Waldron and Hursthouse. There is no consensus on which account is to be preferred, if any. It can be asked whether any account is successful? If so in virtue of what? Perhaps better alternatives can be formulated? What would a successful one look like? Can it be defended against; charges of speciesism, current accounts of ethical contextualism, and conceptions of morally graded beings that are affirmed in contemporary (reborn) nationalistic politics?

The deadline for the thematic issue is May 31, 2022. All submissions will be subjected to rigorous blind review. Submissions should be between 4,000 and 8,000 words in length. For further submission requirements, format and referencing style, refer to the Author Guidelines on the De Ethica website

Manuscripts should be prepared for blind review and submitted through the De Ethica website

De Ethica is committed to a speedy and author-friendly review process; in most cases, the editors will notify the authors of their decision within three months.

De Ethica seeks to publish scholarly works at the intersections of philosophical, theological, and applied ethics. It is a fully peer-reviewed, open-access publication hosted by Linköping University Electronic Press. We are committed to making papers of high academic quality accessible to a wide audience.

De Ethica is published in cooperation with Societas Ethica, the European Society for Research in Ethics.

If you have any questions regarding research issues, contact Per Sundman (editor for the special issue): or Lars Lindblom (executive editor): For practical issues, contact Martin Langby (assistant editor):

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