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Call for Papers - special issue: “Ethics of Reconciliation”



De Ethica Special Issue: “Ethics of reconciliation” – Publication 2024


Topic Areas: Social and Political Philosophy; Ethics; Theological Ethics; Applied Ethics.

The editors of De Ethica are pleased to announce a special issue on the Ethics of reconciliation.

In a social context, the concept of reconciliation refers to the potential of restoring broken trust and relationships and the need for a community and persons to recover from damages caused by various conflicts and wrongdoings. Reconciliation has been studied by theorists and discussed by practitioners from multiple perspectives, among which the ethics of reconciliation is one of the most important. The relationship between reconciliation and justice is, naturally, one main issue of ethical concern. However, this relationship is marked by significant differences in experience of conflicts, demand for justice, and limits of reconciliation. Current developments in Europe and beyond – such as Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, several conflicts marked by escalating violence towards minorities, the militarization of many European countries, and increasing skepticism towards pluralistic models of democracy – urge for deeper scrutiny of philosophical, legal, and theological approaches to reconciliation. 

This issue of the De Ethica seeks wide-ranging perspectives on the ethics of reconciliation. What are the resources and obstacles to reconciliation if assessed from a perspective of ethics? How should we understand the relationship between reconciliation and transitional justice? When and how might the longing for reconciliation promote or devaluate social justice? What resources exist for a more nuanced and critical reconciliation approach in different religious traditions?

We invite submissions on all aspects of this topic. Questions and issues include but are not limited to:

  • The concept of reconciliation
  • Moral dimensions of reconciliation, conflict resolution, and transitional justice
  • Reconciliation and social justice
  • Reconciliation, justice, and truth
  • Limitations of reconciliation and limited reconciliation
  • Theological contributions to ethics of reconciliation
  • Critical philosophical and empirical approaches to reconciliation
  • Critical approaches to the paradigm of transition
  • Dealing with the past and reconciliation
  • Hermeneutics of conflicts, narrative identity, and reconciliation
  • Reconciliation and emotions
  • Reconciliation and recognition
  • Ethics of reconciliation, memory, and forgetting

The deadline for the thematic issue is February 28th, 2024. All submissions will be subjected to rigorous blind review. Submissions should be between 4,000 and 8,000 words in length. For further submission requirements, format, and referencing style, refer to the Author Guidelines on the De Ethica website:

Manuscripts should be prepared for blind review and submitted through the De Ethica website

De Ethica is committed to a speedy and author-friendly review process; in most cases, the editors will notify the authors of their decision within three months.

De Ethica seeks to publish scholarly works at the intersections of philosophical, theological, and applied ethics. It is a fully peer-reviewed, open-access publication hosted by Linköping University Electronic Press. We are committed to making papers of high academic quality accessible to a broad audience.

De Ethica is published in cooperation with Societas Ethica, the European Society for Research in Ethics.

If you have any questions regarding research issues, contact Johanna Romare (guest editor for the special issue) at or Lars Lindblom (executive editor) at For practical matters, contact Martin Langby (assistant editor) at

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